Secrets to a good night’s sleep

The benefits of sleep are well-known. Getting the recommended 7 to 9 hours can help you prevent weight gain, ward off disease, regulate your mood, and make better decisions. But many Americans don’t get enough sleep. The lifetrak zone C410 helps tokeep track your sleep quality easily.

What are simple strategies to help you get better sleep?

Better sleep actually starts during the day. For starters, try not to nap — but if you must, grab a 20-minute pick-me-up nap at least 4 hours before bedtime. In addition, follow these recommendations:

  • using the bedroom only for intimacy and sleep, instead of watching TV or using your smartphone
  • drinking fluids earlier in the evening, tis will help avoid the need to use the bathroom during the night
  • exercising regularly, and at least 4 hours before bed time
  • caffeine- and alcohol can work against a good night’s sleep, so limit your intake of those beverages

What should you do in the evenings to prepare for better sleep?

Plan relaxing evenings. Use your computer or watch TV earlier in the evening. Shut out the stress of the workday by reading a book, listening to music, enjoying a warm bath, or trying meditation.

Insomnia is affecting your job performance, your relationships, and your health. What should you do?

If poor sleep persists, or if you wake up after 7 to 8 hours not feeling rested, you may have a sleep disorder. Make an appointment to see your doctor.

The lifetrak C410 automatically tracks your activity during the day and sleep at night! It automatically detects of start and end of sleep cycle and determines duration and quality of sleep. Unlike  Jawbone Up and Fitbitband, you don’t have to tell it that you are going to sleep. Your sleep efficiency is automatically monitored based on actigraphy (micro movements).

Learn to change your sleeping routine and offer your body the sleep it really needs by using the LifeTrak Zone C410 now.