The Accuracy Of Calories Burned In Fitness Activity Monitors

People like to use fitness tracking information in a number of ways. The number of calories burned as shown by a fitness tracker is commonly used to reach a personal goal for weight loss or other training. The information can also be used to assess how hard a person is working in comparison to some other activity. However, many people wonder how accurate the calories calculation of fitness activity monitor is.

The Calorie burned:  A Unit of Measurement

Calories burnedA calorie is a unit of energy. The calories that are talked about in terms of human diets and exercise are actually kilocalories, but they are usually simply called “calories.” Simply staying alive burns a certain number of calories because bodily functions such as keeping the heart pumping require energy. Methods of estimating the number of calories required by a person doing absolutely nothing include the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).

Calories are burned above and beyond the BMR and RMR when a person performs activities. How strenuous the activities determine how many calories are burned. However, fitness levels determine how strenuous a person perceives an activity to be, which may or may not be a good gauge of how many calories are being burned.

How Fitness Trackers Calculate Calories

Fitness trackers attempt to calculate the calories being burned by using a set of variables, some that are pre-set and some that are input by the user. Factors that affect the number of calories burned include age, gender, weight, body composition, and exercise intensity. Heart rate is also a key piece of information when it comes to these calculations.

LifeTrak C200/C400 calories burnedSome of these factors are easy for a person to provide, such as their age, gender, and weight. However, things like body composition, or the percentage of fat that a person has, are not things that are widely known. Exercise intensity is also difficult to pin down because different people perceive activities differently.

When a factor is not easy to figure out or the device is not designed to measure it, manufacturers set their activity trackers to assume a number. This number is based on scientific research, but it is typically an average or the most common number. This means that while it will be accurate for many people, there are those for whom the number will be wrong.

The less the activity tracker has to assume, the better. This means that the more information that is input into the system that is specific to the user, the more accurate the readout will be. As general classes, activity trackers that measure heart rate are more accurate than those on gym machines, which in turn are more accurate than apps or online calculators.

While the basic information that goes into calculating calories burned is usually the same, some fitness trackers arrive at those measurements by estimating other information. Pedometer-based fitness trackers use a combination of distance covered and steps are taken to estimate the speed, and therefore the exercise intensity, when calculating calories. The information on speed is added to the information that the user inputs, such as weight and age, in order to reach the estimated calories burned.

Fitbit One Activity tracker

Fitbit One activity sleep tracker on saleThe Fitbit One is a high-end fitness tracker that also functions to monitor sleep cycles. It is essentially a smart pedometer that measures activity by counting the number of steps users take. Since some activities are not easily estimated by this type of technology, the associated website where users can input their other fitness efforts is essential to its success.

The Fitbit One must be worn on the body in order to track activities, but it can be worn in a number of different ways. The flash drive-sized tracker has a clip on the back for hooking onto a belt, waistband, bra or other clothing. It can also be placed in some pockets. A wristband is included for wearing the Fitbit One during sleep.

The special accelerometer on the Fitbit One measures movement patterns. In combination with the number of steps taken and the speed of these steps, the device calculates calories. An included altimeter tracks when the user is climbing stairs, which increases the number of calories burned per step. The Fitbit One is 95-97 percent accurate in calculating the number of steps a user takes. Calories accuracy is not listed for the device.

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Lifetrak C200

Buy Lifetrak c200The Lifetrak Core C200 is a wearable activity tracking device that resembles a watch. It actually functions as a watch as well so that users don’t have to wear both the activity tracker and a watch. The Lifetrak C200 measures steps taken, distance covered, calories burned and heart rate.

The Core C200 requires no setup, which is a bonus for some users. However, this means that the device is assuming certain values, which can mean that it is less accurate than a device that requires personalized information about the user. However, the fact that it measures heart rate is also important. In most cases, devices that measure heart rate are more accurate than those that rely on other figures.

Calories accuracy for the LifeTrak C200 is not a listed spec. However, given that it measures exercise intensity by using steps and distance, which is an individual measurement, in addition to exercise or activity the Lifetrak series activity trackers allow for a more comprehensive calorie count by factoring in calories burned simply through living, this is a great tool to compare against the daily calorie intake. The device will also provide a more accurate calorie count by calculating the heart rate reading whenever it is taken.

By adding the heart rate data, it can probably be assumed to be reasonably accurate for the average person.  Remember to get the heart rate throughout the day and more frequently during a workout in order to have more accurate Calorie counting.  People who are considerably over or under the “assumed” weight, body composition or age may find it less accurate.  Also note that your body is always burning calories, even when sleeping or not in motion, the Lifetrak all day calories counter accounts for these calories burned, so don’t be surprised to see calories burned number on the device even you are not wearing the device.

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Lifetrak C400

Lifetrak C400The Lifetrak C400 actually comprises two models, both of which are expected to available for purchase in June 2013. The Lifetrak C400 Fit and Lifetrak C400 Pace offer the option to include personal information such as weight, gender, and age. Combined with the heart rate monitor on the C400, this should make it more accurate at calculating calories.

The other major difference between the C200 core and C400 models is that the Lifetrak C400 comes with Bluetooth LE capability. This can be used to send the data from the C400 activity tracker to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

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The new LifeTrak C400 Pace and LifeTrak C400 Fit

LifeTrak C400 Review

Lifetrak C400The basic monitor of the great LifeTrak series is already available in the market and the Bluetooth version which is the LifeTrak C400 Fit and  LifeTrak C400 Pace are expected to hit the market by June 2013. Like the C200, the C400 can accurately monitor physical activities, height, weight, heart activities, and calorie tracking.

Thought they almost function similarly, they also have distinct differences. With the Bluetooth enable C400 series, you can easily transmit data wirelessly. You can do this through the Bluetooth application. You can send it to similarly Bluetooth enabled devices such as smart phones and computers. Through this connection it is easy to monitor and interact with  health related applications that are available for different smart phones. There is not much information on the Apps for this device from the official Smart Health website. We will update you once the information is  available.

                LifeTrak C400 Fit                      LifeTrak C400 Pace
Main Features:

  • Calorie
  • Heart Rate Integrated Distance
  • Proprietary DDC Technology Steps
  • ESF Technology
  • ECG Accurate on Demand
  • Goal Tracking

Workout Mode:

Individual Reports: Calorie, Distance, Steps

Graphic Features:

Hourly Graphs Daily Graphs Weekly Graphs

Basic Feature:s

Time/Day/Date Removable Band Waterproof (90 ft) Watch Battery Backlight


Gender,Age,Weight, Height, Birthday


Main Features:

  • Calorie
  • Heart Rate Integrated Distance
  • Proprietary DDC Technology Steps
  • ESF Technology
  • ECG Accurate on Demand
  • Goal Tracking

Advanced Features:

Pace Calibration; Machine Learning Auto-Cadence Mode Transition

Workout Mode:

Individual Reports:
Calorie, ExerciseCal, Steps, Cadence, Distance, Pace

Graphic Features:

Hourly Graphs Daily Graphs Weekly Graphs

Basic Features:

Time/Day/Date Removable Band Waterproof (90 ft) Watch Battery Backlight


Gender,Age,Weight, Height, Birthday

BLE 4.0 Connected Open Platform Sleep – Lifetrak/Azumio App 

The C400 series will be available in the market this June 2013. It is priced at $99.99. It is also available in major sports and fitness stores, online shops and also available to purchase online here.

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***** Updated information *****

Salutron releases the New Move C300  instead of their C400 series,  The Move C300 has the same specification as C400 fit with Bluetooth smart connectivity and sync with Azumio ARGUS App. it  is now available for purchase.

Lifetrak C300 ARGUS APP


Introducing Lifetrak Move C300 – The Advanced, Well-connected fitness tracker

Lifetrak MOVE C300 review

Move C300 ArgusFans of fitness-based technology and gadgets may have noticed the unveiling of a new product in Lifetrak’s range over the past couple of weeks – the new Lifetrak Move C300. This upgrade on the current Core model is being promoted as a new, advanced model thanks to its tracking capabilities, calorie counter and improved connectivity via Bluetooth and looks set to become a desirable gadget. This introduction to this new inclusion in the Lifetrak watch line will look at the benefits that it can offer as an advanced fitness tool, particularly in comparison to the Core C200, and see whether the media attention is justified. Is this a new and improved model that fitness fanatics should go mad for or should it really just be called the Core 2.0?

What makes the Lifetrak Move C300 model so special compared to the previous Core C200?

There are a lot of obvious similarities between the Lifetrak C300 and the Core C200 that preceded it because they are almost identical on the surface and share many of the same features. In fact, you have to wonder if Lifetrak changed the text colors online just to assure users they were looking at different watches. The product range has always been keen to boost the fact that it is a waterproof, stylish fitness watch that never needs recharging because of its long-life battery and these are features that have not changed with the switch from Lifetrak Core to Move. You can still swim in it without a care to a depth of 90ft, wear it for prolonged periods of time and swap the interchangeable band for a more vibrant color.

The two models may look similar at first but the Lifetrak C300 is definitely a much more technologically advanced product that can offer a lot more to its users. The greatest example of this – and the one that is getting the most press attention – is the improved Bluetooth connectivity that lets users sync their watch to their phone or tablet for a simple transference of data onto apps, such as the highly recommended activity tracker Argus. This integration is an ideal improvement because it increases the availability and readability of your data and therefore makes it easier to track your progress and work the watch into your lifestyle. The open API means that this connection is available for other apps, in case there is one you favor over the Lifetrak C300 Argus app, and although it is currently only compatible with IOS, it will soon be available on Android.

Even with this new focus on integration and connectivity, the Lifetrak Move C300 continues to be a great fitness tool.

Lifetrak c300 with extra band
Calorie counting is an issue in many fitness products, with many programs either overestimating or underestimating the amount burned due to poor calculations or poor tracking of movement. The automatic tracking of the Lifetrak watches means consistent monitoring of steps, distance, and calories but the developers of the Move C300 have also created a special algorithm to improve the calculations of calories burned based on heart rate and activity. This attention to the mathematics means a greater chance of accuracy in calorie data – something that is crucial in weight loss regimes and general fitness maintenance.

The heart rate aspect of this formula is determined by another of the many useful software features that put the Lifetrak watches ahead of other brands. This product uses a patented ECG feature to monitor the wearer’s heart rate and use the data to help them understand their activities and fitness levels. The simplicity of the one-touch system and the accuracy of the data mean that this feature can be relied upon as heavily as the distance tracker or clock and some users of the old C200 model say that the ECG even worked just after a session in the pool. If that was not enough, the Lifetrak C300 also stores previous results in the system for easy comparisons.

There are a number of other features that have been retained from the previous Core model and they should not be overlooked because of the continued benefits. There is a surprising, heightened awareness for a product of this nature because it is adaptable and looks for alterations instead of blindly reading steps like a basic pedometer. The C300 adjusts for stride length to create more accurate distance readings, recognizes different motions and even acknowledges false steps. The fact that the display lights up may be lower down the list when it comes to importance but it adds to the convenience and the sense that this watch will be a reliable training partner at any time.

Is this the upgrade that people want? What do users have to say about the Move C300?

There are plenty of media endorsements in favor of this new Lifetrak product; technology blogs are gushing over its new features and connectivity and it is even earning some airtime on some top TV networks. There is, however, limited feedback available from actual users because this is still a new, fresh product that is now available for purchase here. Whether this new design will play well with consumers or not will be seen when the product becomes readily available but hopes are high, especially after the questionable accuracy of the calorie counter in the Core C200 model.

Summary: why the Move C300 is the best around…at the moment.

Whether you chose to buy a Lifetrak Move C300 for yourself will depend on which desire is strongest, your desire to have a fitness tracking watch with fantastic connectivity or your desire to see some real, user reviews of the product to judge its complete worth. At current discount at below $50, the Move C300 is competitively priced and undeniably tempting but do not forget that the upcoming Fit C410 is on its tail with its additional ability to monitor sleep. It seems that you will eventually be able to track everything with a handy Lifetrak watch but, for now, the Lifetrak C300 is the top model on offer and its enhanced technology, Argus Links, and beneficial design should make it a worthwhile purchase.Lifetrak C300 with 3 color bands


SyncBurn and Lifetrack C300 – The twin brothers?

SyncBurn Vs. Lifetrak

The SyncBurn is practically identical to the Lifetrak C300. Both have a watch-like LCD screen, and both have the same  features, tracking heart rate as well as motion. It turns out there’s a reason, they are all from the the same manufacturer,  Salutron, Fremont, Calif.

The Sportline Sync Burn retails at $129 while Lifetrak is only $59.95.  The main different are just the outer casing and the LCD screen ,  the Syncburn has better look with negative LCD screen.

syncburn on sale
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Salutron Unveils the LifeTrak™ Move C300 – the Future of Activity Monitoring

Lifetrak c300 argus appToday July 11, 2013 Salutron unveils their new Lifetrak Move C300. Leading the Revolution for Better Health through Better Science.

“Style and ease of use make integrating the LifeTrak Move C300 into your lifestyle simple. The full display right on your wrist and open API platform, which allows universal integration to some of the most popular health and fitness apps, keeps you motivated to achieve your goals. With the touch of a button you can see your daily and weekly progress so staying on track with personal goals has never been easier, or more affordable.”

“Advances in technology are making things we only imagined a decade ago a reality today,” said Dr. Jin Lee, Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Engineering at Salutron.  “The Linea Research technology recently acquired by Salutron expands the company’s technology portfolio to leverage ongoing leading edge research with NASA, DoD, DARPA and DHS.  Through relationships like these, Salutron is positioned to continue to provide premier monitoring science to consumers across the globe and to put the science that goes to space on people’s wrists. We believe the future holds endless possibilities for technology that will help to create healthier lifestyles and we are committed to being the leading provider of solutions that empower people everywhere to live longer, healthier lives.”

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