How to Reach a Target Heart Rate

If you have chosen aerobic exercises to strengthen your heart, then you need to do a certain amount of exercises to make sure that you reach your target heart rate. Most people think that they have to overdo exercise in order to reach this rate, but in truth once they reach this target heart rate they can level out on the amount of exercise that they do each day.

The target heart rate is the amount of heart beats that it takes for the heart to do at least 60% of its optimum performance. If you go above 80% of the heart’s optimum performance, it puts way too much strain on the heart. This leads to anaerobic inactivity. On the other hand, if it goes below 60%, your heart doesn’t get the benefit that it needs.

There is a simple mathematical formula for computing your target heart rate. Just start out with the number 200 and subtract your age. Then take the result of that and multiply it by the number 6 and you will have the lower limit of your target heart rate. It’s just that simple.

Target heart rateIn order to get the highest limit of your target heart rates substitute the number 6 with 8 and multiply. This will keep you in your target zone that you are trying to reach when you are exercising. In order to actually keep an eye on this heart rate, you will need to have a wrist heart rate monitor of some sort that gives an accurate readout of your heart rate, Smart health activity monitor is a good choice. This will let you know when to slow down since most of these devices have an alarm which goes off when you reach your target heart rate.

It’s also a good idea to monitor your pulse rate as well when exercising. Check it every ten minutes so that you will know if it is going too high. If it is too rapid, then you need to slow down. Smart health heart rate monitor is one of the best devices that can help you keeping track of your workout activities.

The amount of exercise that it takes for you to reach this target heart rate is easy to reach. Just a brisk walk is all that it takes for most people. You will also be burning off calories as well. Doing this type of exercise can benefit your entire body not just the heart. However, for some it takes jogging or running to reach their target heart rate.

For the lucky ones, any type of physical activity raises the heart rate. Walking is a good way to do this as well. Most places have actual nature or walking and hiking trails. But if you live in a rural area, you can always make your own trail. This can be a lot of fun. Just don’t get lost in the woods.

More and more of the public is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of exercise and are abandoning their sedentary lifestyles. They are eating healthier and dropping bad habits. This has resulted in a drop in heart disease cases. They are also learning to reach their target heart rate when doing exercises.